Sunday, February 6, 2011

California Mormon History

The intent of this blog is to write notes, and links for California Mormon history.  It will always be a work in progress and as I find more websites I will add them.

William Ide
This last link is a book published by Simeon Ide, but is a first person account of William Ide.

William Ide was a Mormon living near the capital of Illinois.  When Joseph Smith was killed he decided to take his family to the West, and was persuaded to settle in California.  He was part of the Bear Flag Revolt in California, and in fact became the leader of the revolt when many of those present just wanted to take General Vallejo to John Fremont at Sutter's Fort and call it good.  William Ide spoke to the men saying, are we thieves or something more.  We was able to compel enough men to stay with him and they inhabited the barracks in Sonoma.  They very much expected to meet the same fate as those of the Alamo.  That is the reason for the lone star on the Bear Flag.  The raising of the Bear Flag was June 10, 1846.  William Ide wrote a proclamation which was published locally explaining the intents of the Bear Flaggers.  William Ide was voted president of the republic of California which lasted for about a month.  Men from San Francisco brought the American flag which replaced the Bear Flag on July 4. The Mexican American War had begun.
William Ide then joined the volunteers, which under John Fremont went to take Los Angeles from the Mexican government.  He served as a private, but felt his example motivated others to volunteer.

New Hope:  Sam Brannon sent 20 men from the Ship Brooklyn to establish a farming community in San Joaquin Valley.  The community lasted about a year.  They had three cabins, a mill, and a ferry across the Stanislaus River.

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