Saturday, June 27, 2015

Martin Handcart Pioneer: Thomas Dobson, 19, Healing at the Hands of Ephraim Hanks

Thomas came to Utah with the Martin Handcart Company with his mother and older sister and younger brother.  His mother had been one of the first women to be baptized in England, and 19 years later was migrated with the handcart companies.  Crossing the planes, Thomas wore out his shoes.  His feet became frozen.  Ephraim Hanks promised him the next pair of shoes, but his feet were so badly swollen nothing would fit.  It was feared he would lose his toes.  Ephraim Hanks administered to him, saying there is nothing I can do, and wrapped his feet a piece of cotton.  He promised him, “I tell you what you do.  Stand up and sing the handcart song and I promise you in the name of Israel’s God your feet shall be made whole.”   That night Tom heard fiddling (as the result of a wedding).  He hobbled to the fire, and one of the brethren, as a joke challenged him to dance a jig.  He had learned the clog dance since a youth, and as a result obliged them with a dance.  He says that was the last of his lame feet.
Ephraim Hanks tells the same story in this manner.  One evening after having gone as far as Ft. Bridger, I was requested by a sister to come and administer to her son…  He was very sick and his friends expected he would die that night. . . . I felt the power of God resting upon me and addressing the young man said, “Will you believe all the words I tell you?”  His response was, “Yes.”  I then administered to him and he was immediately healed.  He got up, dressed himself and danced the hornpipe on the inboard of a wagon, which I procured for that purpose. 

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