Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Martin Handcart Company Pioneer: Joseph Smith Barlow

Joseph Barlow was the youngest of his eight siblings.  His father had been called to labor in the Spirit World.  His mother kept the dream of gathering to Zion alive, and the handcart plan afforded the opportunity.  The immigrated with two other families headed by single sisters; that of her daughter-in-law and that of her sister.  Not one was lost from these three families.  Joseph and his brothers may have participated in swimming in Iowa City as handcarts were being prepared.  Joseph's older borer joined e infantry as a contract laborer at Fort Laramie and would make it to Salt Lake a year later.  His older sister Jane would be so sick she would be left at Fort Supply.  She would recover, and marry in the Spring at age 15.  Joseph would freeze his legs, and a doctor suggested amputation.  His mother would have none of it, and after 18 months he was able to walk, although unhealthy for e remainder of his life

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