Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Martin Handcart Pioneer: Samuel Openshaw

Samuel Openshaw
Samuel immigrated with his parents and younger siblings.  His two older brothers preceded them to Utah, but his oldest brother's young bride traveled with them.  Samuel admired the open prairie lands of Iowa.  He also commented on how many locals thought they were deluded, but apostates put the greatest effort into dissuading them from their journey.  Across Nebraska, a couple of his sisters became ill and had to be pulled in the cart.  "It made it just as much as we could pull."  He also talked of the deep sands which made pulling hard.  Sometime after winter hit, one of his sisters died due to her illness and hardships.  His sister-in-law would also pass away.  However the rest of the family subs rives, and after recuperating for a time went to Santaquin where the oldest boys had made a home.

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