Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Handcart Pioneer: James Briggs, 11

James Briggs, 11              

James traveled with his entire family.  His parents, two older siblings and 4 younger siblings.  The trek was very hard for the family.  The older siblings, from James and older, took turns pulling the handcart.  They also took turns carrying their baby sister Emma.  They sometimes would carry her under their clothing to warm each other. The last crossing was hard for the entire handcart company; especially the men.  They met rescuers on October 28, and were then at Martin’s Cove.  James’ mother awoke to find her husband had passed away in the night. One of James' brother also passed away in the cove.  Finally after a week in Martin's Cove there were wagons enough to move on.  However, this family would see death again.  The baby, Emma, would pass away just a day before they entered the valley.

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