Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Martin Handcart Pioneer: Samuel Washington Orme

Samuel was actually born in the United States.  His family had immigrated, and he was born July 4, 1832.  His father had heard Mormon preaching while in Ohio, and made his wife promise to seek out this religion before he passed away.  He told his wife she would recognize by the burning of the truth in her soul.  They lived in Coalville, and visited the Mormon preaching in Whitwick.  She said, "Why I feel as if my very soul is on fire.  I know it is true."  Samuel became an Elder and clerk of the branch.  Samuel was a sober child, and did not abide alcohol as some of the other youth in Coalville.
Samuel traveled with an older sister, younger sister and his mother.  Because of their late start, they suffered together from cold and hunger.  As rations were shortened, Samuel began to fail.  They were reduced to four ounces per day, and Samuel's mother suggested to the girls that the women share with Samuel, which they did, saving his life.

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