Sunday, June 21, 2015

Handcart Pioneer: William Lawrence Spicer Binder, 23

William had embraced the gospel as a young man, and despite the efforts of some relatives to dissuade him, he was determined to emigrate to Utah and the handcart plan offered him the opportunity to do so.  He had served as Branch President if the Lambeth Branch.  A few years previous he had married Eliza Camp on Christmas day.  Highlights from his trip included sailing on the Horizon.  He was sea sick most of the way, although his wife kept her health.  traveling by train to America they observed the Fourth of July celebration in Buffalo.  Also at various spots there were those who opposed the church and preached against the prophet Joseph Smith.  He observed armed men traveling to Kansas in light of the troubles there.  At the outfitting point in Iowa City he was required to leave much of his clothing behind to make weight.  The company left Iowa City to begin their handcart journey July 28.  August 3 they observed a bright "luminary in the sky' which descended to within 50 feet of the earth where it suddenly disappeared.  On October 17 the company was asked to reduce their weight to only ten pounds.  They left behind bedding and clothing which made them vulnerable to the cold which would soon hit them.  Their ration was serious reduced, and with only two-day supply remaining they were met with the advance guard of rescuers from the valley.  They then had a three-day trek to meet the promised wagons.  One of these days was very arduous for mud.  It was determined they should move to Martin's Cove.  William took his own handcart across the river.  He then returned for Brothers "SS and Albert Jones" who had become stuck in the river.

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