Sunday, June 28, 2015

Martin Handcart Pioneer: Aaron Harrison, 18

Aaron travel with the Martin Handcart Company with his family.  His parents had a large family, 11 children total.  Three sons died in infancy, and another daughter was born after the trek.  Aaron’s parent are William and Hannah Louise.  He  was the oldest child, followed by George, 14, Mary Ann, 12, Alice, 10, Olivia, 7, Hannah, 2, and Sarah Ellen, 5 months.  The family suffered a great deal, but all survived.  Aaron’s mother became so starved, that when she nursed her baby all the baby could get was blood.  Hannah would make a snow ball, bless it, and then said it tasted like manna. 
Aaron enjoyed swimming near Winter Quarters, however the experience sickened his brother, who became very week.  At Fort Laramie, Aaron left the handcart company and joined the army.  Many others did this as well, reducing the number of people requiring provisions, but also allowing them to use their signing bonuses to help their families. 
Aaron would actually arrive in Salt Lake with Johnston’s Army.  They would march through Salt Lake City, which had been abandoned, and prepared for immediate burning should the army not follow their agreement.  The army did keep their agreement, marching through the city only, and then going south where they established their base at Camp Floyd. 

Taken from “Tell my Story Too” by Jolene S. Allphin

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