Saturday, June 20, 2015

Willie Handcart Pioneer: Thomas Caldwell 14

After Thomas' family joined the church, his father traveled to Canada to join his parents; and was never heard form again.  His mother was anxious to travel to Zion, and his family, older brother and two younger sisters traveled aboard the Thornton and joined the Willie Handcart Company.  traveling with them was a young woman, Christina McNeil who was a boarder and friend from Scotland.  The family was assigned to a handcart with Thomas helping his mother and this sister pull the cart.  Early on, while helping some girls with a milk cow, he became entangled in a rope, tripped and broke his collar bone.  He traveled in pain the rest of the journey.  Even so he tried to keep up appearances for his younger sisters.  When they came to rivers he would help his sisters cross.  They pain was not getting better, and perhaps was getting worse.  "We finally arrived in Salt Lake Valley the 9th of November 1956.  We had endured hardships almost beyond human endurance."  After coming to the valley his collar bone was finally able to heal.  He eventually married Abigail Snow, daughter of the President Lorenzo Snow.  He died shortly after his first children were born, twin boys.  He is buried in the Lorenzo Snow burial plot in Brigham City.
Summarized from the book "Tell My Story Too" by Jolene S. Allphin

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