Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Historic Hyrum Elite Hall; Best Dance Floor in Utah
Hyrum Elite Hall is an historic building, but it is still being used.  It was built in 1917 after the opera house on the same site burned down in 1915.  It was used for high school basketball games for South Cache High School, before they had their own gym (before my time).  It also hosted other events such as wrestling.

The big draw was the dance floor.  At one time they had weekly Saturday dances.  The floor bounces, because of the springs built under the floor.  My brother said one time he was able to get underneath the floor with someone and see the springs.  In the really old days, when cars weren't so plentiful, you could take the train to Hyrum to catch the dance.  People still come from all over the Valley.

There was also a time when it was open Saturday morning for people to play basketball, or run around the balcony.  This was the main court for my Bantam Basketball playing days.  The Hall had large restrooms, men's and women's.  Above the restrooms, off of the balcony, were two classrooms, one on each side.  It was in this classroom that I took my hunter's safety.  I also attended an Emergency Preparedness seminar and learned how if the Russians missed nuking Hill Air Force Base by a little bit we were toast.

One year, for our May Day dance program from the elementary school, it was held there.  I think it was the back-up place for bad weather.

While I was growing up, dancing wasn't popular with me.  There were regular dances held there.  Sometimes they would throw saw dust on the floor to enhance the sliding motions.

They stored a drum and other instruments from band in the display case as you entered the Hall.  Eventually the drum had a tear in it.  The instruments have been moved to the museum.
I understand dancing is still taking place in the Hall.  I saw an ad for dances two Saturdays a month with dance instruction for those who may need Swing Dancing instruction.


  1. You're right about the dances twice a month--they're hosted by the Big Band Swing Club from USU, which also holds annual fundraiser dances to help preserve the building (it's on December 3rd this year) I actually came across this post researching the history of the building for some posters at the dance; thank you for sharing your memories of this building I've personally come to love.

  2. Some time in the late sixties they had rock bands. One of the thing I remember 'was Born to be wild' was the last song of the night. I can't tell you who the band was but it was on Friday night and they had big crowds.

  3. Geneve Buff-Derossett So many great memories at the Elite Hall!! I took dance class and my dad had a few of his Halloween spook alleys there.

    Billy Wardle
    Billy Wardle I didn't know your dad did spook alleys