Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book Review: Route from Liverpool to Salt lake City

This book is available through Google Books as a free ebook.  It was published by the Church in England in 1855 and included the story of a trip made by Frederick Hawkins Piercy.  It includes illustrations he made of the journey.

This book is important historically for several reasons.  It is organized in such a way as to include the history of the journey; but in the footnote section includes an 1855 historical version of the places passed and the people met.  This includes church history, death of the prophet and biography of Brigham Young. But this also included the history of the cities and states he traveled, and other points of interest.  Piercy did not travel the traditional route.  He traveled to Nauvoo and Carthage and we have his sketch of the ruins of the temple, and a couple of Carthage.  He also sketched the mother of the prophet and a couple of his sons.

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