Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review: The Post-American Presidency

"The Post American Presidency" was written by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and published by Threshold Editions 2010.  It is subtitled "The Obama Administrations War on America."  This book is more of a review of the first year of the Obama administration, and less of a look at the reasons and causes, but does have some of that.  It very much dwells on the policy changes with regards to Israel and Iran.  It also deals with energy policy and freedom of speech.

Obama's administration started with an apology tour.  His first speech was given in Egypt, in which the U.S. was described as an Islamic nation, and Obama apologized for us all.  As for Iran, the first year of his presidency, Obama was determined to have talks with Iran.  He is still waiting to have those talks, and Iran is still building their nuclear bomb.  I think to them it is a game.  

On the other hand he has made demand after demand of Israel.  This has included the abandonment of communities.  However, on the other hand the rockets continue to fly from Gaza.

As for free speech, Islamic law is based on limiting free speech.  (We see an example of that today as the Islamic world is responding to a movie they deem as irreverent towards their faith. They have invaded our embassy and consulate, burned our flags, and killed a consular.)  You cannot appease the Islamic world, and allow free speech.  They two do not coexist. 

Finally, Obama's energy policy has been a mess.  He is so determined to wean us from fossil fuels, that he is willing to throw away billions and pipe dream energies, at the same time obstructing fossil fuel exploration and extraction.  The book documents how he withdrew permits in Eastern Utah, many of which have not been renewed even now.  He also has obstructed the Keystone Pipeline.  These decisions have effected the price of gas and made life more difficult for the middle class.

This book is very insightful.  It presents the facts of some of the actions of the Obama team early in his administration--it was written after the first year.  I think we will see more of the same if we don't make a change.

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