Thursday, January 31, 2013

David H. Smith Visits Cache Valley

This is the third articles about the Reorganized Church in Cache Valley from an essay I wrote for school.  I is available at USU Library special collections.

David H. Smith, posthumous son of Joseph Smith, made two missionary trips to Cache Valley.  On the first trip, in 1871, he was accompanied by Josiah Ells.  They were able to reorganize a branch of the church in Providence which had been subject to emigration, and organize a branch in Logan.  The branch in Providence was among the Swiss people and the meetings were held in German.  David Smith returned to the Midwest from this trip due to "brain fever."  He was traveling with his brother, Alexander, who had mostly served in the Salt Lake area and had returned home as his wife was sick.
In 1872 David H. Smith was accompanied by Amasa M. Lyman, ex-Mormon apostle, to Cache Valley.  Meetings were held in Brigham City, Providence, Logan and Franklin.  Lyman at this time was practicing spiritualism and séances were held by the group.  The strain of the mission, accompanied by the effect of the spiritualist séances lead David Smith to a physical and spiritual break down.  David H. Smith was returned to the Midwest by Josiah Ells. 

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