Friday, March 15, 2013

Movie Review: ***^Pistol Pete Maravich The LSU Years - Documentary
After watching "The Pistol" I decided to explore Pete Maravich on You Tube, to see some of his incredible plays.  I was especially interested in seeing some incredible moves.  This movie covers his college playing days.  Maravich was the greatest college player ever.  He still has record for the most points scored 3667, as well as the best scoring averge ever 44.2.  But what is incredible are his passes.  He made some tremendous passes.  I like this movie, because is mostly just shows high lights.  There is some commentary.  Eight hour days with a basketball from the time he was twelve, and even earlier.  There is a reason a scrawny kid became successful.  It also talks of his father, Press, who was his son's coach at LSU.
25 years ago this past January Pistol Pete died from a congenital heart problem.  It is likely he had a heart issue through his playing days.  What is true, he had a love and heart for the game he embraced.

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