Saturday, February 22, 2014

Documentary Review: PBS The Mormons

This movie was a great disappointment to me.  I would think PBS could give an unbiased account of the Mormons, instead they gave a sounding board to disgruntled Mormons, or non believers in which they were encouraged to talk about sacred things in a less than sacred manner.  This included so called "issues with intellectualism" and delving into everything which might be considered negative.  It included such statements as...  No I don't think I will repeat them.  Bottom line, as a Mormon I found this PBS program to be offensive, very much so.  The talk about polygamy, and missed the point as to whey Mormons would practice it.  They quoted someone saying that Brigham Young must have ordered Mountain Meadows, because he controlled everything and knew everything that happened in Utah.  It talked about our sacred temple ceremonies, and it quoted excommunicated and disgruntled women as experts on Mormon culture.  There were only a few redeeming things, talking with a woman about what temple marriage meant to her, the comments of an African American woman who converted to the church.  However most of this was offensive.  It turns me off to other PBS programing.

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