Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review: Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D’Souza

There are some things with regards to Obama’s politics that are very puzzling.  This book tries to make sense of some of the puzzlements.  For one, why does Obama put up roadblocks for domestic energy production, coal, natural gas and oil; while at the same time using federal money to finance oil production in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.  Those supplies are not guaranteed to benefit the U.S.  D’Souza explain this by contending that Obama is antic-colonialist rather than environmentalist.  He may use the environmental claim, but then he would be consistent.  This book is very similar to the movie “2016 Obama’s America,” and covers much of the same material.  Another paradox is Obama’s selection of who he tackles in the Middle East.  He takes out Mubarak in Egypt but withdrawing support, as he did Khadafy in Libya; however he leaves Abbas in Syria and Khomeini in Iran.  He had opportunities to topples those governments as well, but chose not to intervene.  We have all seen what a mess there is in Libya now, and what Egypt was becoming until the military stepped in.  D’Souza explains this again as consistent with anti-colonialism.  Another is his vitriol towards his grandfather, adoration of his father, and ignoring his brother who lives in a shack.  His is not one of being charitable, but of trying to force others to be charitable by taxing—all in the name of fairness.  Another paradox is why is he so interesting in disarming America, while really doing next to nothing form thwarting Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.  D’Souza again blames this on the same attitude of anti-colonialism.  Finally the attitude of the Obama’s, of entitlement, taking multiple vacations in not one jet but two, is a manifestation of the anti-colonial dictator's attitude. 
I don’t know what to make of everything D'Souza says, however I can say that we have taken a big step backwards as a nation with Obama as president.  Net worth is down 40 percent so far (making us more equal to other nations) with likely more decline to come.  However the big step backwards is one of apparent corruption.  The author of this book is under indictment for campaign donation violations.  Could this be a “get him” tactic.  If it smells like a duck and looks like a duck and walks like a duck it likely is a duck.  This administration has polluted the IRS, using them to thwart the application for tax-exempt status of conservative groups.  It just seems like we are starting to look like Chavez’ Venezuela more and more.  Now they want FAA people embedded with the media to do what? 
This type of book is a bit depressing, but good to check out this stuff.  I am not sure if I agree totally, but D’Souza makes a good enough case to attract the attention of the Obama administration and the Attorney General’s office.  How many more of us have been targets?
This book is very similarto his documentary movie "2016 Obama's America."  http://bwardlehistory.blogspot.com/2012/08/movie-review-2016-obamas-america.html

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