Tuesday, May 26, 2015

John Denver: Explanation of His Death

You probably want to watch this clip slowly, pausing as you need to to read the information from the report of this accident.  John Denver passed away in a plane crash over Monterrey Bay in 1997 before his 54th birthday.
This is a short documentary which puts to rest any theories about the death of John Denver.  Rumors circulated that is was a suicide, or drug involved affair.  Neither of these was true.  This report gives two reasons for the accident. in which John Denver nosed dived into the ocean.  The first, is Denver declined topping off the tanks.  Had he done this the accident would have been avoided.  One tank would have sufficed for his short trip.
This was a new plane to Denver, and his first time flying this plane solo.  The other cause was Denver inadvertently putting the plane into a nose dive.  This was because of a design flaw in the fuel switch.  The plane had two tanks, one in each wing.  If the fuel from one ran out, a switch had to be manipulated to access the fuel in the other wing.  However the switch had been moved to behind the pilot, to avoid the fuel line running through the control area.  It was hard to get to, and two test pilots had triggered a nose dive when the attempted to do this.  They were up high enough to come out of the nose dive.  Denver was not.  His plane nose dived into the ocean at 125 miles per hour and disintegrated, killing Denver instantly. 

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