Sunday, February 28, 2016

First LDS Chapel in Manteca: Pine Street Chapel

The Pine Street Chapel was the first LDS chapel in Manteca.  It is located close to Doctors Hospital.  The Manteca Branch was first organized as a Sunday School in 1946, and as a branch in 1947.  They met in the Legion Hall.  In 1950 the branch was formed with President Donald Nicolayson.  The chapel was dedicated in 1957.  They were still a branch.  The branch had to contribute $50,000 as their share.  They raised money by raising tomatoes and beans.  They also did much of the labor except for the electricity and the bricklaying.
A ward was organized in 1959.  D. Leon Ward was called as bishop.  When Manteca Stake was formed in 1981 there were three wards in Manteca.  Manteca had been part of the Modesto Stake, and Tracy part of the San Joaquin Stake.  They were combined as the manteca Stake.  D. Leon Ward, who had previously served as the Modesto Stake president, was the first stake president of the Manteca Stake.  The Union building was completed in 1984, and became the stake center.  Before this stake offices were in Tracy.  The Pine Street building was also proving too small.  The current stake center on Northland was completed in 1991, and the congregation and stake offices were moved there.
The Pine Street Chapel was sold.  It is currently occupied by the Fellowship Baptist Church.

 Looks great for an almost 60 year-old building.

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