Monday, July 4, 2016

Documentary Review: We Shall Remain: Geronimo

Geronimo's sneer was from a bullet wound
This is the fourth of a five-part series from American Experience on PBS.  This film points to Geronimo as both a hero and a man whose pride brought down his nation.  Geronimo had a vision in which he was told he would be a fierce warrior and bullets would not kill him.  Many times he was captured and released, or negotiated to give himself up and then changed his mind.  One time he left the reservation after a peaceful medicine man, prophet was killed.  He was known simply as the Dreamer.  He was a peaceful man, focusing on living the Native ways, but also learning to coeXist with the Whites.
Geronimo was the last Native American fighting the Federal Government.  He and his people but a heavy price for this.  I had never realized before the consequences for his people.  The Chiricahua Apache were removed form the reservation and kept essentially as prisoners of war for over 20 years.  They were shipped to Florida, which was very poor for their health as they were use to more arid conditions.  Geronimo and those still with him, about 34 were taken to Florida, and then to Indian territory.  He become somewhat of a celebrity, and even became a part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.  He was in President Ted Roosevelt's inaugural parade.  He asked the President if he could go home, but his request was declined.  He died in Indian Territory, after falling of a horse and contracting pneumonia.

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