Monday, August 1, 2016

Chapter Review: Shay's Rebellion, Glenn Beck

Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America, Glen Beck with Kevin Balfe and Hannah Beck, Threshold Editions, Mercury Radio Arts, New York, 2013.
This chapter tells a story I was not familiar with, but was mentioned in the Revolutionary War exhibit at the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls.  Of course Glen Beck has many more derails.
What would become known as Shay's Rebellion, had its spark and birth in rural Massachusetts.  Taxes and debt were killing the rural farmer, while those in rural areas saw the wealthy bankers getting rich.  This was ten years after the Americans had won their independence.  It seemed. The courts were to blame, as they were used to collect debt and enforce rates.  So this rebellion from several rural counties set out to shut down the courts, and this they did, staging gatherings around the court houses.
Daniel Shays had been in the Revolutionary. War, and was drafted to be the leader.  Once in Shays was committed.  The government was able to regain some control using local militias.  However more assistance was needed.  The rebellion's goal was to take the federal armory in Springfield, MA which held guns and ammunition.  Although federal troops had been sent to support the local militia, they had not arrived.  The people of the rebellion had planned attack from three sides, however the leader of one side had second thoughts, and they were not there.  The defenders also had cannon.  When the attack came, cannon fire chased them off, killing four men.  The rebellion men retreated a couple miles.  When the Federals arrived, they pursued to mop things up.  Shays was captured.  The men of the rebellion were pardoned, except two young men who were stealing supplies after hostilities were over.
Shay's Rebellion became motivation for a Constitutional Convention, to shore up the government and prevent further deterioration of the government.

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