Sunday, October 9, 2016

Great American Documents: Privileges and Perogaties Granted to Columbus 1492.

Before 1492, there was no real written language, and so the Native American citizens of America are not represented.  In other words we do not have documents pertaining to the Iroquois Confederation, or other Native American History.  However this document is the first presented.  After having been refused by Portugal, and Spain at least three times, and while he was preparing to present his idea to France, the Royalty of Spain changed their mind, on a premonition that Queen Isabel had based on the confidence Columbus showed.  Consequently the financed his voyage, borrowing fourteen thousand dollars from the royal treasury, and also bestowing upon Columbus and his heirs the title of Don, and also admiralty to govern whatever islands he may find.  This they made known by this document to all their people and royalty so it would remain in effect.  Columbus set sail in April of 1492, for East Indian; however he would find much more.

Great American Documents, The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Books, Danbery, CN, 1987.

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