Sunday, November 13, 2016

Book Review: Picasso: Museo Picasso de Barcelona

Picasso: Museo Picasso de Barcelona, text by Xavier Costa Clavell, photographic reproductions by Editorial Escudo de Oro, Editorial Escudo de Oro, seventh edition.  This book, written in Spanish, portrays artwork as well as the history of Pablo Picasso.  Born in 1881, in Malaga, Spain, Picasso was drawing and painting before 1890.  Most of his early work was drawings.  However his work was always very advanced.  He had an eye for seeing things clearly.  While he was approaching finals in 1894, his younger sister passed away.  This may have contributed to his entering a blue period of painting.  Much of his work began as sketches, before becoming paintings.  He was in full swing in the blue period by 1901.  From there he moved to a pink period.  In 1906 his style of painting changed again.  This change had French influences.  He began trying to paint more than just a physical representation of things, but began to add interpretation to his painting.  From this he eventually entered into Cubism.  Picasso, also entered an era of pottery and then finally sculpture.
The life of Picasso was influenced by war, and he in fact for a time joined the communist party.  However he was patriotic to country.

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