Sunday, August 6, 2017

Documentary Review: I Am Jane Doe

This movie brings to my awareness a problem we have had here in the United States; that of sex trafficking of young girls.  This trafficking has been made easier by internet laws, the Federal Communications Decency Act of 1996.  This law allows for third parties to publish information on a host, and the host is not liable for the content, even if they know that laws are often broken.  The courts have been unwilling to resolve the problem, and congress has been very slow to change the law.  In the case of, it appears that the hosting website would coach those advertising to place their ads in such a way as to evade the law, and be harder to trace.  The most common place for marketing of young girls in on this site.  However, the site has taken down their adult services site where most of this traffic took place.  I looked at the site briefly.  It appears this traffic has moved to the massage category and that the promotion of sex with pimped girl (enslaved girls) is going on.  The very first ad is for "New Young Girls."  There is language in these ads which those familiar with the scene know, which points them to what they want.  Some of this behavior illegal. and is exploiting our children.
This documentary presents the cases of several young woman, some abducted, some brought into prostitution when they ran away.  Most are controlled with drugs.  All were advertised on this website, and made it so the young women could be raped multiple times every day.  There is a story on the internet of a young woman in Chicago who did not survive.  She was the victim of murder by a sex client.  We must stand with our children, and demand that any trafficking of sex over the internet be stopped.
I watched this on instant Netflix.

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