Sunday, July 22, 2018

Book Review: The Day of the Dead: Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead: Dia de los Muertos, photography by Denis Defibaugh, text by Ward S. Albro, TCU Press, Fort Worth, 2007.
This book is enjoyable for the pictures of the many Day of the Dead celebrations attended over the years by the photographer.  He focuses on Oaxaca and the surrounding smaller communities.  He starts exploring death and death rituals, he then goes into the Day of the Dead markets.  Many different types of cakes are manufactured and sold.  Also flowers, and candles, and chocolates.  Mescal (alcoholic beverage) and Mexican hot chocolate are also important parts of the celebration.  He explores the great parades that are held as part of the celebration.  He also looks at private ceremonies, and the great memorials which are built into the houses to honor their dead.  He looks at public celebrations, masks and dancers are common.  He finally looks generally at the people of Oaxaca.  This would make a good coffee table book with all the pictures, most in black and white, but some in color.

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