Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camp Parks, Camp Shoemaker and Shoemaker Naval Hospital, Dublin

During WWII the Navy set up a regrouping camp for the reserves in Dublin.  This was the last place my father was stationed before receiving his hardship discharge.  It was normally a place for men awaiting assignment.  My father had just completed his radio engineer training at Treasure Island, and was awaiting assignment.
In Dublin there were two different bases and a hospital nicknamed "Fleet City."  Camp Parks was home to the Seabies during the war, Camp Shoemaker home to naval personnel.  My dad was stationed here.  During this time, there was a bus which would pick up the men (those who chose to do so) and take them to San Jose to work in the canning bus.  My father went several times to work in the fruit.  During the war, the labor supply was very depleted, and extra help was wanted wherever it could be found.  The men enjoyed making a little extra money.

The final part of the "City" was the hospital.  This took the general shape of a large X, but each part of the X was really several different buildings.

Shoemaker Hospital

Camp Shoemaker
To the right (West) is Camp Parks, to the right is Shoemaker Hospital and Camp Shoemaker in between

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