Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Civil War, Utah and Stockton, CA

Colonel Patrick Connor
Utah was much isolated from the Civil War, however many people who had Utah had family members who did participate in the war.
The Deseret News talks about some of the effects of the war on Utah.  The most significant event was the change-of-the-guard at Fort Douglas.  The regular Army members headed East to take their positions in either the North or South.  Albert Sidney Johnson, who had been the commander at the Fort, joined the South as a general, and was killed at Shiloh.  When this vacancy appeared, Stockton volunteers, under the command of Colonel Patrick Connor, manned the Fort.  This article mentions that the Utah delegate suggested to President Lincoln that these men could be used in the conflict.  I know that many of the Stockton volunteers would have rather been in the "real" fighting, rather than watching the Mormons.  They also made petition to be transferred, which was denied.  It was the Stockton volunteers, and Colonel Connor, who participated int eh Battle of the Bear River against the Shoshone.  (See my previous blog on this event.)

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