Wednesday, January 4, 2012

California Mormon Pioneer HIstory, weblinks
This is a site promoting the exploration of Mormon Pioneer History.  It also has pages dedicated to different events including the Mormon Battalion, Ship Brooklyn, Bear Flag Revolt, The Donner Party, and the Southern California Saints.
The question is of William Ide's participation in the Mormon church before the events of the Bear Flag Revolt.  Some say he helped nominate Joseph Smith for President, and helped write his platform.
The history of the Bear Flag revolt.
150 year anniversary celebration of the Ship Brooklyn.
This website has access to the DVD  "Forgotten Voyage" and book "Ship Brooklyn Saints"  It also has a summary of the Saints, with access to biographies after paying a fee.
More Ship Brooklyn information.  This includes a description of the voyage.
This it a site of information about the Mormon Battalion.
This site also has a history of the Battalion, but also has a nice map of the journey.

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