Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Documentary: ***Simon and Garfunkel: The Harmony Game (to MMBOE)

A 2011 documentary of Simon and Garfunkel was on a Dish channel and it looked interesting so I recorded it.  There were a couple of things about this show that were very intriguing. It mentioned and told the story of a 1969 show put together by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel as they reacted to the political climate of the late 60s.  I found this on You Tube and made a blog:
The other thing this documentary tells is the story behind several of their songs. This includes "Bridge Over Troubled Water."  This song, as most of their songs, was written by Paul Simon.  He felt it was perfect for Art Garfunkel.  Up until this their songs were duets, with harmony.  This song was sung before 1970, but the album and single came out in 1970 and it was voted best song of the decade.
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This movie also has some interesting dialogue with the artists, as well as the producers about the use of echo and harmony.  This is a nice presentation.  My only complaint is I would have loved less talking and more music.  

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