Saturday, July 6, 2013

The History of Methamphetamine in the U.S.

Amphetamine was first produces in Germany in 1887.  However it was mostly a drug without a problem to treat, and used for many different things.  Methamphetamine, which is cheaper to make, was first produced in Japan in 1919.  It too had difficulty finding a home, but was used extensively in WWII to keep soldiers going.  Kamikaze Pilots used the drug before suicide missions.  It was used on both sides.  It was also used extensively during the Vietnam War by U.S. Servicemen.  After WWII there was an epidemic in Japan, which had surplus drugs which were released to the public during this period. 
Legal use in the United States centered on depression and weight loss.  Legal sources of these drugs are still on the market, but highly controlled.  During the 70s, when the drug became a controlled substance, in the United States, illegal distribution of the drug was mostly through Hells Angels.  However with the advent of cold formulas containing Ephedrine it became very easy for people to manufacture the drug at home, and “Meth labs” popped up in many places to supply the drug.  It is easy to make, but difficult to control for toxic wastes.  Also fires from manufacture became common for a time.
More recently, cold remedies with these substances have also become increasingly controlled.  However control has not lessened the availability of methamphetamine.  The major supplier now is Mexican drug cartels, and the drug is readily shipped from Mexico with common carrier routes.  The drug is manufactured in Mexico, but also in California and other states by the cartels.
In the United States, the spread of the drug began on the West coast, where it was produced in large amounts by home manufactures.  Oregon and California lead the country in production.  The use of methamphetamine has slowly spread to the East.  Other western states for first affected, Nevada, Utah etc.  Also states in the Midwest have had problems with the drug. 
This is a dangerous drug.  It is poison that people are taking, and trying to control the amount for the most positive effect, without consequences.  However it is highly addictive and the negative consequences become worse over time.

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