Friday, August 23, 2013

John F Kennedy Assasination Revisited

Jeremy got me looking at You Tube on the assassination of President Kennedy.  There are many theories based on the Zapruder Film.  One says the film is a complete fabrication to put together to justify the magic bullet theory, where Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter.  Another uses the file to show the driver killing the President.  Another uses the movie to show Governor Connelly as the shooter.  And yet another contends there were multiple shooters, with Oswald as a patsy.  This theory has Lyndon Johnson as the master mind, and points to doctored x-rays and autopsies, and photographs.
So, I don't know how President Kennedy was killed.  But is have my doubts about the Warren Report, and Oswald as the shooter.  This was something much bigger.

And if our government could cover something up this big in the 60s, what kind of coverup are they doing now.  We know that those involved in Benghazi have been silenced.  Makes you wonder what really went down and why.

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