Saturday, August 31, 2013

Movie Review: A Marvelous Work Begins (1982)

This is an early movie produced by the Church and present the coming forth of the Boo of Mormon.  This explains the Church's belief of how this book came to be.
This movie starts with Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates, and shows those persons who would attempt to steal the plates, and the efforts the family took to keep the plates safe.  It shows Joseph transporting the plates in a barrel of beans, and when stopped by the mob and a sheriff, the wagon is searched.  The mob means to crack open the barrel of beans, and Joseph volunteers to scoop them out by hand.  However he his spared this as the mob becomes inpatient. 
This movie shows the story of Martin Harris and Joseph, and the lost manuscript of the book of Mormon.  The anguish these two men exhibit brings this event more to life. 
The movie does not go into many historical details, but in the stories it tells, it provides a glimpse of the circumstances surrounding the reorganization of the Church.
I could not find any link to this movie.  However this is a shortened remake.

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