Monday, December 30, 2013

Mormon Historical Movie: Only a Stone Cutter

This presentation tells the story of John Rowe Moyle.  Brother Moyle and his family were handcart pioneers with the Ellsworth Company of 1856, the first handcart company.  He settled in Alpine, UT on a small farm.  He was called by Brigham Young as a stone cutter on the Salt Lake Temple.  The animals were needed for the farm, so he walked 22 miles every Monday, leaving at 2 a.m. To be to the temple by 8 a.m. He walked home every Friday arriving at midnight, and did all the household chores on Saturday.   He did this in all kinds of weather.  He did this for over 20 years.  He stopped for a time after he was kicked by a cow and his leg broke.  It had to be amputated.  However he fashioned a wood leg for himself, and after teaching himself to walk, continued his duty at the temple. He explained some calls are not convenient. This is a story of duty, and then doing your duty. 

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