Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: 50 Facts About Cats

This is a little book written by Brue Larkin.  It is geared towards the second to third grade reader.  However it presents some facts about cats I did not know.  A few example, cats have more bones than people, 230 to 206.  However the comparison may not be totally fair as a cat has over twenty bones in its tail at we people do not have tails.  The tail helps with balance.  Cats are descended from North African wildcats.   The female is called a queen, the male a tomcat, the baby a kitten and the group of kittens is a litter.  Cats have four back toes and five front.  However on front tow never touches the ground, but is used for grooming and capturing prey.  Cats purr more often than when they are happy.  They sometimes purr when they are hurt or frightened.  Cats see six times better than people at night.  Cats can run 31 miles per hour.  (No wonder if the cat doesn’t want to be caught, you don’t have a chance.)  Cats use 50 muscles to jump, leap and sprint.  A cat will mark his territory on you by rubbing his face against you. 

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