Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seagull Girls (12-13 YO Young Women)

The Seagull Girls program was part of the curriculum for young women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was geared towards 12-13 year old young women (Beehives today).  This program was initiated in the 1920s. They used a journal called "Segolia."  It was part of the Primary in the Church.  The young men became involved in Boy Scouts, and were attending meeting in the evening.  The young women of the same age started to have and afternoon program to spark their interest.  The were encouraged to perform service, and they were active in crafts and other similar projects.  I found my mother's book from about 1940.

This gives and idea of what they studied.  It included memorizing and talking about the articles of faith, which is still part of the primary.  It included a short dramatization of the story of the seagulls saving the Saints.  There is a song that goes with this.  It also included study of health, service, attitude, how others might see you, gardening, serving, etc.  When this aged moved on to MIA, the 11 year old girl were called Seagull Girls.

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