Friday, January 10, 2014

Centerville Horse DrawnTrains

When the  main rail line went through Newark, (now a part of Fremont, California) they were worried they were being left out.  This was corrected by a branch line.  The branch line was proposed in 1878, and it took until 1882 for the narrow gauge line to be finished.  The Southern Pacific Coast rail would have three passenger runs daily to connect with the train line in Newark.  The unique thing about these trains is that they were not drawn by locomotives, but by horses.  The passenger runs would be one car drawn  by one horse.  There were also cargo trains, which carried more weight and would be pulled by more horses.  The branch hauled 300 tons of freight in 1885, and 5000 tons in 1898.  It hauled produce from the farmer, mostly dried fruit.  Centerville was known for its apricot orchards.  This local branch would serve the people of Centerville for over 30 years, with a horse-drawn train.

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