Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review: Fussball Welt Meisterschat 1978 (Soccer World Cup, 1978)

This is a book review for a book I have never read, but I have followed the pictures, and the book is crafted in such a way, I can follow every game of the world cup of soccer, 1978.  I was excited to look at this book, even with my deficiency in language because I was in Argentina in 1978.  This marked the only time Argentina has hosted the event, and the first time they won the championship.  I remember the excitement when Fillol grabbed a penalty kick, and when the Argentina side beat Peru 6-0 and thus qualified to play for the championship based on goal differential over Brazil.  
This book starts with the history of the world cup, showing every year to that point.  Although I could not read, I could see the artwork which represented every year.  Then there was a short section on Argentina, which included many pictures of geographic beauty of Argentina, Mar del Plata, Iguazu Falls and the Andes.  Then there are pictus of the opening ceremonies, and then excerpts of every game.  That year there were two rounds of round robin.  The book tends to show more of Germany's games.  In the first round Germany did well and qualified, as did Argentina.  Argentina lost to Italy, but qualified with two wins in their other matches. Italy won all three first round matches.  Peru, Holland and Brazil were some of the other qualifiers.
The next round had Argentina and Brazil were in the same grouping with Poland and Peru.  They tied each other, and both beat Peru and Poland, setting up the heroics with the goal  differential against Peru.  I remember when Argentina beat Peru, and thus qualified for the championship match.  On the other side Germany, Holland and Italy where all in the same group.  Germany faded, and Italy and Holland played Italy in the final match of the round.  Holland came out on top 2-1 and earned the right to play Argentina for the championship. 
The next match was for third, in which Brazil defeated Italy.  (Personal note, I was in Don Torcuato at the time, and the Italian squad housed in Don Torcuato at Hindu Club.  When the bus came by with the team they would stop all the traffic and give them a free lane.  It was exciting to see the bus however. 
The final match then pitted Argentina in the blue and white striped uniforms against Holland in their orange.  Argentina was lead by Ardiles in midfield, and Kempes and Luque were the striker with Fillol in goal.  Argentina won the championship 3-1.  They would not be denied.  It was hard for people to go to work the next day, as they were out partying all night.  There was a great party around the obelisk downtown. 
Of note in this book is the short shorts which nobody wears this day.  The book concludes with a pictorial documentation of all the players and squads.

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