Saturday, January 18, 2014

Historical Documentary: The Heavens are Opened: The Docudrama of the Restoration

This short docudrama is produced by Living Scriptures in 1993.  It shows actors portraying the different characters involved in the restoration, with historical narration.  It presents the atmosphere in Palmyra when the first vision took place.  This movie is dated, because it does not show the restored old Smith farmhouse.  It does have the new farmhouse which helped build.  The first vision is one of the most spiritual experiences of God visiting Joseph Smith as a boy.  However the vision of Moroni was much more known to people originally.  Joseph did not record the First Vision until much later. 
This portrayal also takes us through Joseph receiving the Gold Plates, and the beginning parts of the translation.  It shows some of the early hardships, how evil conspiring man, who claimed Joseph was deluded, would still try to steal the gold plates, which they didn't believe he had.  Joseph had to go to great lengths to hide the plates.
However eventually, with the assistance of Oliver Cowdery the work of translation could go forth, an the heavens were further opened and the priesthood was restored and the first baptisms in this dispensation performed.

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