Saturday, October 11, 2014

Movie Review: Antietam
This documentary film is posted as the film played at the visitor's center at Antietam Battlefield.  It was made in cooperation with Civil War Trust and Historical Films Group.  It is narrated by James Earl Jones.  It gives a fantastic view of this battle, starting with the lead up to the a battle, the lost orders, the attack at Harper's Ferry ad the attacks through the mountain.  It was fun to view a portrayal, using historians, historical reenactments, maps and views of the battleground.  There were some parts of the battle I did not realize, including a flanking attack against the Confederates in the early battle on the North, followed by counter attack, artillery fire, the attack more towards the center, into the sunken road, which provide good defense, until it was flanked; and then became a death trap.  and then finally the attack in the south, across Burnside's Bridge.  It explained why this attack took so long to be effective, against only 400 Confederates.  It concluded with the timely charge of A.P. Hill, which hit the Union flank as they come up, having marched 17 miles that day from Harper's Ferry. 

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