Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Movie Review: Death Valley

Death Valley: National Geographic: National Parks Collection
I wanted to get some incredible views of Death Valley.  Instead I got a global warming lesson.  What would happen if Death Valley rose two degrees.  Its species of plants are already on the brink of endurance.   When will we ever learn?  This lesson was reiterated in talking of sand dunes, plants and the Devil's Hole Pup Fish, which lives in the aquifer underneath the dessert. 
Some cool things shown, crystals in caves, the exploration of the aquifer, the moaning sand dunes.  Apparently sound waves get trapped in the upper level of sand, and is echoed and reverberated.  It was pretty cool.  The sand dunes also move and change location. 
Information about scorpions.  I didn't realize some are cold blooded and some hot blooded.  Change in temperature may change the balance. 
This movie seemed to be an agrandizement of scientist, who are better than the rest of us who don't care about global warming.  If the National Geographic series is all like this, I will have to leave them on the shelf.

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