Friday, November 28, 2014

Documentary Review: Cropsey: The Truth is Terrifying

Cropsey: The Truth is Terrifying, A film form Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman, Vicious Circle Films, 2009.
Staten Island is portrayed in this documentary as a place where historically, all the trash from New York ends.  This includes physical as well as human trash.  In its time there were many state institutions on Staten Island, including mentally ill hospitals as well as hospital for the profoundly developmentally delayed.  At one point this lead to investigation of the conditions in the hospital and a big scandal.
 There is a long tradition of Cropsey, a local bogey man legend.  It is said Cropsey is a former mental patient who preys on the unsuspecting when they wander into the woods. 
Then the movie goes into telling the story of Andre Rand.  Rand is a former employer at one of these hospitals that was closed.  He is also a convicted child kidnapper and murderer.  He has been convicted in the disappearance of two children on Staten Island.  He is suspected in the disappearance of many more children.  These children are generally those who are easy victims, developmentally delayed or challenged in some other way. 
Rand has never divulged the location of any of his victims.  One of them was found.  Because of the lack of evidence, there are still many lost children from Staten Island.

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