Sunday, October 11, 2015

Documentary Review: Ken Burns: The War: Episode 3: A Deadly Calling

This episode deals considerable with race issues.  Mobile Alabama turned over night into a boom town because of the ship yards.  However the best jobs were reserved for whites, and when African Americans were hired into these jobs, there was racial tension.  The result was fully segregated crews, except for the management.  Bother African Americans, and Japanese Americans where also recruited into the armed forces.  And African Americans were finally allowed to take jobs such as pilots.  however there was still segregation in the military, with African American units and white units.
This episode also follows the tough campaign in  Italy.  The mountainous country slowed the Allied advance up the peninsula, and a sea effort to jump this congestion didn't get off the beach.  The Allies were bogged down on all fronts and subject to heavy artillery bombardment.  The drive up the peninsula finally broke through, and the reduced pressure allowed for the men to get off the beach.  However instead of crushing the Nazis the turned to Rome.

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