Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mormon Book Review: My First Church History Stories

My First Church History Stories, retold by: Deanna Draper Buck, Illustrated by Jerry Harston and Leslie Harston, Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1999.

The brief stories in this book are well told, and include many tidbits about church history.  Of course included are some of the major events such as Joseph Smith's first vision, the visit of the Angel Moroni, and the restoration of the church and the priesthood.  Lesser known stories that are also included are: the healing of a boys hip after he was shot by a member of a mob, two young women who gathered and saved many pages of the Book of Commandments.  They hid in a cornfield.  The martyrdom of the prophet, and exodus form Nauvoo are included.  The pioneers moving west, and the story of the seagulls eating the crickets are exciting stories.  The book also includes a look at the present-day church with temples and prophets.

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