Sunday, March 20, 2016

Indian Biographies: Arapoosh: Crow

Arapoosh's shield is at the Smithsonian

Arapoosh was a fierce Crow warrior, who could not be defeated in battle.  Quoting the Smithsonian website, "Arapoosh, also known as Sore Belly, was a prominent River Crow chief who lived in the first half of the 19th century. As a young man, while fasting, he received a shield, which gave him spiritual protection and the power of prophecy."  Represented on the shield is a hero twin Thrown Intho the Sky.  Arapoosh had powers of battle, as well as of prophecy.  The book American Indian Biographies say the symbol on his shield was "Man in the Moon."  Arapoosh would use the shield to show the outcome of coming battles.  During a war between the Crow and the Blackfeet, Arapoosh prophesied his own death, saying if the shield rose into the sky, he would be killed.  The shield rose and he was killed.  
 Taken from American Indian Biographies and Smithsonian website.

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