Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Native American Biographies: Amos Bad Heart Bull

This information is taken from "American Indian Biographies."  Amos Bad Heart Bull was somewhat a self appointed historian for the Sioux people.  He was too young to fight in the Battle of Little Big Horn, but he was a witness to the events.  The battle started with an attack on an Indian encampment.  Bad Heart Bull drew pictures of this event, as well as several others which told the Sioux history during a very rough period.  His father and older family members also related to him many of the things that happened during this time.  His pictures go from before his birth, telling of Sioux battles with the Creek, and providing a general idea of Sioux life.  It continues until the Sioux are all confined on reservation, and includes the Battle of Wounded Knee.  The record includes over 400 drawings.  The originals were buried with his sister, however Helen Blish studied and photographed the collection and put them into a manuscript form.

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