Friday, April 29, 2016

Documentary Review: WWII in Colour: episode 8: The Soviet Steamroller

In this episode we see a developing theme: The Soviets mount insurmountable forces of tanks and men, the German Generals propose retreat, Hitler refuses, after an incredible loss of men, and possibly capture, the German Generals override Hitler and retreat.  This happens time and again where the German forces end up cut off, short of supplies and overwhelmed.
It shows the advance at Kirkuk, and then the Crimean Peninsula.  Hitler was also notorious for not guessing correctly where the Soviets would attack next.
This film also shows the Finnish-Soviet war.  I had not realized Finland in effect fought on the side of the Axis powers as a result.  They were dependent on Germany for supply, and the Soviet Union had its design on Finnish territory.  In the end they would claim 10 percent of Finland.

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