Monday, December 19, 2016

Article Review: So I Married a New York Times Bestselling Author (RaeAnne Thayne)

So I Married a New York Times Bestselling Author, by Jared Thayne, UtahState, Winter 2017.
RaeAnne Thayne writes romance novels, and has published several Christmas Romances.  However I am not really into romance, and I must admit I have not read any of her noels that I remember.  However what is intriguing about her story, as told by her husband, is her devotion to her second child, a boy born three weeks early and with serious complications.  He was born in 1997.  He has endured 35 surgeries and medical procedures in his 19 years.  He does not speak, is 100-percent G-J tube fed, suctioned regularly, non-mobile when away from his wheel chair.  He also has a pump and catheter implanted into his stomach to provide continuous muscle relaxing medications.  However he is unable to say where he hurts.  RaeAnne has become fairly adept at narrowing things down.  Still so his care is difficult, and RaeAnne's back can attest to this.  It takes over an hour to get him ready in the morning.
Jared considers RaeAnne an angel; a far more gifted mother and caregiver than New York Times bestselling author.  She keeps detailed records of his medical procedures and medications.  She has been with him in the hospital many times, and knows precisely when to slip in her own shower.  It would seem their son would be a burden, but Jared says he has also brought good into their lives.  This includes friendships and neighbors, boys who volunteer to push his wheel chair, neighbors willing to help out, or lifting or whatever.  Often their are meals made, and neighbors willing to care for the boys.  "Peace and strength can be found among daily challenges.  RaeAnne feels that caring for their son has made her writing more "rich and compassionate".

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