Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Bear Lake Monster

This article from NEWSDAILYREPORT seems to indicate the Bear Lake Monster may be real, and its remains recently discovered.  Going to Scout Camp along the Bear Lake, I was familiar with the legend of the Bear Lake Monster, a creature who came form the lake and most often at sheep.  Of course the local sheep rangers did not care for the animal in their lake, but mostly it kept to itself.  There were reported sitings in early Mormon colonization history.  My grandfather use to haul freight in the area, and when it was iced over would take his wagon over the ice saving much time.  I have never heard nor read anything that he claims to have seen a bear lake monster.
It now appears the carcass of the beast has washed ashore.  It appears to be a sea based animal in appears like a sea fairing creature except when it is too tired.  It very likely is a mesosaur.

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