Saturday, October 27, 2012

Camp Hollow Revisited

This is the article I wrote for the Hyrum Crusader November 1976, before the marker was moved.  It says:  Camp Hollow, the sight where Hyrum was first settled, is in miserable shape.  Weeds have overrun the area where a monument to recognize Hyrum's founders was placed in 1962.  Not only have weeds taken over the place, but untrimmed trees crowd the area, looking like the snarl of spider's webs.  Fallen leaves and branches left the area an unbecoming sight.
The sight has recently been worsened.  A pipeline was put along the road in front of the sight.  The upturned dirt is unbecoming.  The digging also left a "grand canyon" through a hill bordering the area.  A picnic table is offered at the Hollow, but to get to it one must first conquer mud, trees and leaves.  The sight, located on the east of of 100 North, where Hyrum's founders settled on April 8, 1860, deserves better than it is receiving.

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