Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Garth L. Lee By: Sara Buff

This was published in the Hyrum Crusader in the series "Personality of the Month"

Garth Lee
     Purchase of a stake farm, construction of a new stake house, and a joint purchase of a new recreation center are some of the things that have "come to pass" since this issue's personality, Garth Lee, has been stake president.
     President Lee, now in his seventh year as stake president, was ordained March 29, 1970.
     Garth Lee has been stake president for six and a half years, but his church involvement goes much further.  He served a mission to the Central States Mission.  He has served as a bishop twice and of Hyrum First Ward ten years.  He has been a branch president in Colorado and in a branch presidency in Toronto.  He has been a Sunday school president.  He was once a district president in a mission.  He has also served as M.I.A. secretary, home teacher, and taught many classes.
     President Lee's church activities are only equalled by his educational experiences.
     After graduating from the University of Utah with his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry, he went to Toronto, Canada, and earned his doctorate at the Univeristy of Toronto.
     He first taught at the University of Colorado in Boulder, but since has come to Utah State.  He has been at Utah State for 22 years now, teaching chemistry.  Of those 22 years, he spent seven years as the head of the Chemistry Department.  This year, however, he has retired form his position as Dean of Chemistry to devote more time to teaching. 
     Garth Lee has written and published two freshman text books.  "General and Organic Chemistry" and "The Principles of Chemistry" are his works that have been published nationally.  He is now in the process of rewriting "The Principles of Chemistry."
     In the community, President Lee was a member of the Lions Club for several years.  He also ran for mayor seven years ago, but said he was soundly beaten.
     Making furniture of driftwood is one of President Lee's hobbies.
     President Lee was born in Hinckley, Millard County, Utah, on September 25, 1920, to Lafayette C. and Pearl Mortenson Lee.  He was raised in the south end of Salt Lake.
     He married Lila Lee, who has served as Blazer Scout Leader in First Ward for ten years, and recently received the Silver Beaver for her efforts.
     President Lee has nine children, six of whom are college graduates.  One has a doctorate in chemistry, and another is close to receiving his doctorate in chemistry.
     His children are Harold, Milton, Wayne, Larry, Claudia, Vivian, Brenda, Edgar, and Steve.


  1. Hi. I'm Andrew Pound a grandson of Garth Lee, and loved finding this little excerpt online. I love to learn about my grandfather. I didn't know him for very long, as he died when I was very little, but I feel a strong connection to him. I just wanted to share my thanks and comment that his middle name is Loraine, so he is Garth L. Lee, not Garth P. Lee.
    Thank you again,

  2. Ruth Palmer Roberts: I knew and loved him and his family so much.

  3. Chris Cram Remember President Lee quite well. Seems like he was the Stake President for much of my growing up years.

  4. Connie Leishman Wade remember the road shows - wellsville, nibley, midvale, hyrum, paradise?

    Billy Wardle I remember Wellsville, Nibley, Hyrum, Paradise but MIdvale?

  5. Connie Leishman Wade oops - milville