Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review: The Beehive House

This is a pamphlet with artwork and text by S. Dilworth Young.  It is undated, but mentions the restoration of the Beehive House in 1960.  I came upon it on the book exchange shelf at the Nothland Ward and will be returning it to this shelf. 

This pamphlet is brief, and appears to be intended to accompany one's tour of the house.  I toured the house many years ago, but Miranda took the tour on our last trip to Utah.  There are a couple points of interest.  The first is the wall which was built around the property.  This was used to offer employment to many Saints who had just arrived in the valley.  On the grounds were offices which included the office for governor of territory until 1857 and for the president of the church until 1918.

The Long Hall or parlor was upstairs, and was used for entertaining. Dignitaries were received in this room, and it also served for the receptions of his daughters when they married.  The home also included a family store.  This was not a store in terms of selling goods, but was used for distributing goods to Brigham's different families.

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